You don't pay us

if your claim is unsuccessful. If there are any chargeable fees (and usually this is limited to 25% of your damages), then they will be deducted from your damages. You will not be additionally billed for our help, because those fees cannot exceed your damages. You may be additionally charged if you are not cooperative and honest.


We are acting on your behalf

and in your best interests. We will make sure you completely understand your options, advise you on our recommended course of action, and then act on your instructions; we will not take steps without your approval.


We understand

each client may have a different priority when claiming, whether that be getting back to work as quickly as possible, getting the best rehabilitation treatment, or just acquiring the correct compensation as painlessly as possible.

If you have been injured, and you believe that somebody else is to blame, contact us and seek our advice to see if you can recover compensation for your injuries, or for any losses or expenses you have suffered or incurred.

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