Type of accident

Construction site accident


left thumb cut halfway, left pointing finger cut,


No win No fee


Location: London

We would like to tell you about a former client who has received more that £130 000.00 of compensation. Mr Tomas’s story may be of comfort to many people who have had an accident and do not know how to deal with such a situation. We invite you to read the interview.

Good Morning, can you tell me how this accident happened?
The accident happened during work on a construction site. I was instructed to cut a piece of wood, my fingers went into a chain. Importantly, I did not receive training in working with this equipment, and the machine did not have a single cover.

What injuries did you suffer?
My left thumb was cut halfway to the bone, and my left pointing finger was also cut almost completely, hanging from just a scrap of skin.

How did the injuries affect your life?
At first, this whole situation broke me. This has had a negative impact on my mental health. The accident also affected my social life, because I was ashamed of what my hand looked like.

How did you find the law firm you entrusted with your case?
I found this law firm on the internet and decided to call.

Would you like to say something to other workers who are concerned about the employer’s reaction with regard to compensation?
I believe that you should fight for your rights, not be afraid to say something is wrong, and also pay attention to safety at work.

Has the case gone to court?
No, there was no court hearing.

What was the most stressful?
The most stressful for me were meetings with the doctors, that were needed to write the report. I had to tell them all about the accident and that is not easy for me.

Did distance contact affect the case?
The distance between me and the solicitors did not affect the case, I am very pleased with the services of the law firm and I would recommend it to anyone.

What mattered most to you?
The amount of compensation was the most important to me.

What did Progressive Solicitors do that mattered most to you?

First of all, the amount of compensation they were able to get me and also, the smooth handling of the matter.

Was it worth making the claim to try and get compensation?

Definitely it was worth it.

What did you receive compensation for?
The compensation was calculating taking into account several issues, including the circumstances of the accident, which was not my fault, treatment, long recovery period, and the subsequent health impairment, which puts me in a worse situation on the labour market.

Can you reveal amount you received?
I received amount 137 thousand pounds.

How has the compensation helped you?
It will definitely have a positive impact on my future, without receiving compensation, I would not be able to earn so much alone.

Did the situation in your workplace change?
Unfortunately I don’t know that, because after the accident I stopped working there.

Would you like to say something to the injured persons?
As I mentioned earlier, you have to fight for your rights and talk about what looks wrong.

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