odszkodowanie za poprarzenie chemiczne


Type of accident:

Accident in the factory


Chemical burns


No win No fee


Location: Nottingham

CASE EXPLAINED: factory accident

The client started work in a chemical factory. He had been working there for a week and suddenly he was asked to do a different job. Unfortunately, he was not provided with proper training, and had to rely on some words of advice from another worker.
The client had to pour dangerous substances from one container into another. Suddenly, one of the containers fell and crashed onto the floor. The liquid spilt everywhere. As the client was not provided with protective footwear he suffered serious burns to his feet.


There is no doubt that working in a factory puts workers at risk. The employer in the case has obviously neglected their responsibilities. The client was not trained how to perform the job safely, and they were not provided with protective clothing; in this case safety boots. As a result, the client was not able to ensure the container did not drop, and protect himself from the dangerous liquid. According to statistics, half of the accidents (including fatal ones) which occurred at work, happen within the first few days. If the client had been aware of safety precautions, and had been fully protected, he could have avoided being injured.

INJURIES: chemical burns

After the accident the client had to deal with extensive burns to his feet. The burn wounds were very painful and took a long time to heal. Medical experts diagnosed third-degree burns, and transplants and plastic surgery were considered.
As a result of his injuries, the client had to:
– Take time off work;
– Have medical treatment over a prolonged period;
– Rely on his family members for assistance in everyday activities;
– Purchase medication.


Initially, on a no-win no-fee basis, we advised the client regarding what steps needed to be taken following an accident at work. Fortunately, the client was paid by his employer during his time off from work. We ensured that the client received the correct treatment for his injuries, and we presented the claim to the client’s employer’s representatives. Due to our involvement, the client was able to concentrate on rest and recovery.
Once the client’s symptoms plateaued, we arranged appointments with independent medical experts in order to obtain evidence regarding the client’s injuries. The experts estimated the form and duration of treatment, and whether a skin transplant would be necessary. They provided a prognosis for recovery and advised regarding how long the scars would persist. and considered whether a skin transplant would be necessary.

Based on the medical evidence, our experienced solicitors were able to quantify the amount of compensation that the client should receive. Initially, a low offer was made by the Defendant’s insurance company, however we are strong negotiators and we managed to obtain a good settlement sum for our client, without the need to go to Court.

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