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We would like to direct your attention to a person whose life was in a difficult place a few months ago. Ms Agnes story may be of comfort to many people who had an accident and do not know how to deal with such a situation. We invite you to read the interview.


Good Morning, Mrs. Agnes, could you tell me how the accident happened?

The accident occured while I was working at the hotel, during the general cleaning of the suite. I climbed onto a little chair, which was provided by the employer in order to wipe off the dust from the wardrobe. I was supporting myself with one hand while I was cleaning the furniture with the other one. Suddenly, the chair slipped, my hand slipped and I fell to the floor.

** The client should have been provided proper equipment for the required task.

What kind of injuries have you suffered?

I broke my left arm, I was bruised and I was feeling pain in my spine resulting from the fall.

How did the injuries affect your daily life?

Frankly speaking, the physical injuries had a very negative impact on my mental well-being. I was not able to perform the simplest of daily activities, not to mention the ability to work and to support myself. It was a very difficult time for me and I cannot even describe how bad I felt then.

How did you find the law company you entrusted with your case?

Progressive Solicitors was recommended to me. Sadly, I do not remember by whom.

Could you describe the first steps in your claim?

At the very beginning a report was made, everything was performing up to date, I was in constant contact with the law firm. In the meantime, I attended rehabilitation, I  also took part in a medical examination.

Would you like to say something to other employees who are afraid of their employer’s reaction regarding compensation?

I was also afraid of my employer’s reaction because I had already had a few accidents at work before. However, I never tried to fight for compensation. Now, I am convinced that one should not be afraid of anything and take care of themselves.

Was there a hearing in court?

There was no trial in court because the company’s insurer agreed a settlement. Although, they did not agree to give me the amount of money which was mentioned at the beginning, but I found it satisfactory and I did not want to extend the whole case. Surely, it would have a negative impact on me.

What was the most stressful?

For me, the most stressful part about the whole case was waiting. I was unable to work, I had to borrow money and I just wanted to pay off my debts as soon as possible.

Did the distance contact affect the case?

There was no problem with distance contact because everything was arranged on a regular basis. And, as I said before, I was in constant contact with the company.

What was the most important for you?

The most important thing about the case, after all the pain and difficulties, was to get compensation.

What are you the most satisfied with?

First of all, I am happy with the successful outcome, from the very beginning till the end. I was in contact with the firm all the time and I have no objections to the company’s activities.

Was it worth trying to get compensation?

In my opinion, it was. Despite the accident and the suffering it entailed, the money I received was a form of compensation for the damage suffered.

What did you get compensation for?

For a broken arm, for losing my job that I was not able to perform after the accident, for travels to doctors and for care and assistance at home. Obviously, I could hardly dress or clean on my own.

Can you reveal the amount of money you received?

I received over  £ 33,000.00.

How did you find the compensation useful?

In the first place, as I mentioned before, I was able to pay off my debts. Moreover, thanks to the situation, my mental well-being improved.

Did the situation change at your work?

At the beginning, my company understood the situation and I was to perform lighter work than before.

Did your claim for damages improve the situation of other employees?

I guess so. Unfortunately, my friend also had an accident at work and she decided to fight for compensation as well. I think that she did it after my success.

What would you like to tell the people who got into trouble?

First of all, one should not be afraid of taking action. If there is already an unfortunate accident, one ought to seek compensation, even if such a person is not certain about their language skills, knowledge of the law, etc. From my own experience, I know that one can always find a law firm or a person who is able to help us. Surely, we must not give up. I encourage everyone to take advantage of such opportunities.

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