Quick service, superb communication, professional team

K. Domanski

Very good,Thank You

Tomasz Orkisz

I am satisfied with the company’s service.

Olga Rutkowska

Helpful and professional. Really helpful. Great communication and friendly service. Would definitely recommend.


Fantastic experience

Guy Hadfield
Excellent firm and persistent with my defence and claim. we finally got the result we required.

i would highly recommend.


Progressive solicitors kept me updated throughout my case they also provided outside support to strengthened my case and assisted me to get the best result.

Caroline Sumner

Progressive Solicitors was very helpful from the beginning of my case till the end. Ismail specifically did brilliantly with me. He’d explain stuffs clearly, give you regular update and answer all your questions in a very polite and professional manner. Didn’t take more than we agreed on my claim, which is fantastic!
I have been recommending PS to people, and I will continue to do that.
I wish you guys all the best.


I was a client of Progressive Solicitors and I am very pleased. Great contact, professional service. I recommend.

Maria Zieba

Hello, I would like to confirm that I have received compensation. Thank you very much for reliable and friendly service, and most importantly for effectiveness. Of course, I recommend and appreciate the company.

Katarzyna Szara-Rukojc