Anyone who has suffered an injury at work due to someone else’s direct or indirect fault can claim damages. Determining who if at fault is not an exact or simple science and should be discussed with qualified solicitor.

There is a possibility that the employer or his insurer will refuse to admit liability for the accident. If this is the case they will often present arguments and are obliged to disclose any documents which support their case. Our job is to conduct a full analysis of the case, verify new information with you and make a decision on further steps in the case or to open court procedures.

The compensation process, and the type of employment or lack of contract are separate issues. You can still make a claim for personal injury compensation. The law protects victims in all situations because employers, companies and organisations still have duty of care towards people that they must follow.

Everything that happens after the accident has an impact on the claim process and can be used as evidence in the case. It is important to take photographs of the accident site if possible and to report the accident to the employer. It is worth noting all facts related to the accident and take details of any witnesses. If you feel any pain or discomfort please contact your GP or visit hospital.

The employer has no right to dismiss an employee because of an accident. If it happens, there is a possibility that a further claim for unfair dismissal would arise. Every employee has the right to make a claim for pain and suffering.

The risk of accidents is something every business should take responsibility for. Every employer is required to have employer’s liability insurance (just like any car user is required to have a policy). Therefore every claim for an accident at work that was caused by the fault of the employer, manager or other employee (directly or indirectly) is covered by an insurance policy.

It is your responsibility to notify the employer of the accident. The employer should write the accident report and report the matter to the HSE (Health and Safety Executive), in certain circumstances. If the employer has not reported the accident or written an accident report you still can make the claim. You should only sign a report if you are happy that all the information is correct.

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