Treatment required for your accident related injuries may be offered by the opposing party during the compensation process. Sometimes, it is recommended by the doctor who examines you for your claim. You should always follow the recommendations of your doctor in the event of injury. You should get the advice from your GP and treatment from the National Health Service if possible first.

Guided by the principle that everything should be done to recover as soon as possible, the insurance company should reimburse the costs of treatment if the injured party considered the expense as necessary and reasonably priced. However, you should discuss with us any private treatment and surgery first we can tell you whether we think you will be able to recover this. We have cost specialists in our team.

In the event of the death of a person, people financially dependent on the deceased person may apply for compensation. In this situation you can also apply for compensation for costs, losses and expenses related to the accident. Each must be considered individually and requires full analysis. We are fully prepared and want to help.

Any medical documentation will be helpful but not necessary at the initial stage of the case. Your own description injuries with all the symptoms you feel will be good starting point . We can obtain any medical records necessary for your medical examination. We may also contact your GP to obtain full medical records from hospitals and other facilities.

It is more difficult to obtain your medical records from abroad. If you have undergone any treatment or examination abroad, please provide us with documentation you receive or are able to obtain.

This is a neck or back injury associated with tearing or stretching of the muscles. Whiplash is often diagnosed after a car accident where as a result of a vehicle impact our body moved rapidly and we could not prepare for it.

If you have suffered psychological symptoms due to an accident, such as anxiety, sleep problems or concentration, it is important to report them to us and the medical expert at the medical appointment we will arrange for you. The doctor may recommend psychological help or diagnose Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (or another disorder due to the accident) and you can recover compensation for this.

It is very helpful to write a diary of injuries and symptoms along with all medical visits, examinations, pain intensity, medicine, bills, receipts, help and care. Cases in which there has been a serious injury tend to last longer than other cases due to the amount of medical evidence and opinions of various specialists that we must gather. It is worth writing down all information which may be relevant to your injuries or losses you want to recover because it will be easier to remember all the facts when they are needed.

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