‘No-win no-fee’ means that you don’t pay if your claim is not successful. It is an agreement whereby solicitors run your claim with no fee until they ‘win’ you compensation. You and the solicitor and working towards a common goal. If the claim is successful you pay a ‘success fee’ which is a commission fee for a successful case in the amount of a maximum of 20%+VAT*.

* If VAT increases, the total amount deducted from your damages will never be more than 25%.

‘No-win no-fee’ means that you won’t pay anything until the case ends. If your claim is successful, we charge a maximum of 20%+VAT success fee that will be deducted from your compensation. If you don’t win, we don’t charge you.

There are no upfront costs.

Providing that you co-operate and ensure that all the information you provide to us and your insurance company is not misleading, there will be no additional costs. If there is any risk of paying additional costs we will discuss this with you. If you are concerned about any additional costs, please do not hesitate to contact us so we can put your mind at rest.

We are fully qualified injury claim solicitors registered in England and Wales. Every claim is conducted by our solicitors from start to finish. We are not a claims management company (CMC) or brokers.

Every person injured in an accident, through no fault of their own, could potentially claim. If you are unsure if there has been negligence, our solicitors will analyse the evidence to consider whether the Defendant took all steps possible to prevent the accident. Even if you don’t qualify for full compensation, you may receive some compensation if the Defendant accepts some responsibility for your accident.

For most claims you have three years from the day of accident within which to bring the claim before the Court. If the claim is not brought before the Court within that time, you are not permitted to claim. It is therefore very important to establish the exact date of the accident. We always recommend contacting us to establish an exact date. There are some exceptions – claims brought through the Criminal Injuries Compensation Board, or where the accident occurred whilst at sea or on an airplane – you have 2 years to bring these types of claim. Children have until 3 years after their 18th birthday within which to claim. The time limit for some claims starts when you first became aware of the negligence, e.g. industrial disease or medical negligence claims.

There are a few exceptions to this principle (such as where a injured person does not have the mental capacity to handle their own affairs) and if you are not sure, you should contact us for further advice.

Providing that the claim starts as soon as possible after the accident, most claims are settled without involving the Court.

It is highly likely that the time limit for bringing the claim will have expired but as above there are some exceptions. If you are unsure, please contact us by telephone on 0161 791 4669 in order to discuss your case.

The amount of compensation depends on multiple factors, e.g. how long you have been in pain, what treatment you have had, and what impact the injuries have had on your life, whether you have scars or not, etc. We look at each claim on an individual basis, using medical evidence and reports. You can find some example valuations here: (link)

If negligence is established, you can make a claim for all pain and suffering you experience that is due to that negligence. You can claim even if the injuries lasted a few weeks. You can claim for all different types of injury, including soft tissue damage, fractures, tendon damage, burns, or specifically named syndromes like tennis elbow or chronic pain syndrome.

Obtaining evidence and your health are the most important factors. Firstly, try and take photographs of the place of accident, and take details of any witnesses. If you are on someone’s premises, or at work, it is also worth reporting the accident. If the accident is serious, the Police should be notified. This will help if the Defendant denies negligence.
You should seek medical help as soon as possible if you are suffering any pain.

Every case is individual. For a simple whiplash claim. if you provide all the required information quickly, and the Defendant’s representatives act without delay, we could settle the claim within 3 months. Cases where the injuries are more serious, and specialist medical expert’s opinions are needed, will take a lot longer. Please be assured that our priority is to settle your claim as for as much as possible.

Everything depends on the severity of your injuries, recovery time, visible scars and the impact on everyday life or work. Every little factor can affect the amount of compensation. That is why we value every claim individually. More complicated or serious injuries will be worth substantially more. See the estimated amounts of compensations in England (link) or contact us to discuss.

It is very simple and all depends on you. You can call us on 0161 791 4669 you can send us an e-mail to info@progessivesolicitors.co.uk, Chat, complete the application form, click on the phone miniature above and type your phone number and we will call you within 20 seconds. After we have spoken to you we will assign a solicitor with the relevant experience to deal with your claim immediately.

We are happy to discuss the transfer of your injury claim. The charges will be discussed with your previous solicitor.

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