It is possible, although less than 1% of our cases go to court. Even if we start court proceedings for our clients, the vast majority of clients receive compensation for the accident before a trial on the basis of a settlement between the parties.

The Court will set a schedule for all parties, according to which all parties must complete required formalities in order to prepare the case for Trial. Sample schedule:
– Exchange of all documents
– Exchange of witness statements
– Questions to the expert
– Specification of lawyer forms
– Court hearing – usually takes place up to about 30 weeks after the court sets the schedule.

* A settlement can be reached at any stage of court proceedings. On request, we arrange an interpreter who is available throughout the entire process.

You can apply for compensation for costs, expenses or losses associated with an accident that would not have occurred if the accident had not happened. It is important that each item you wish to recover meets the following criteria:
– was supported by evidence
– was a reasonable cost
– was justified and necessary

We know from experience that customers do not always have all the evidence. This does not exclude them from the possibility of obtaining compensation. In this situation, you should discuss the case with us.

You can apply for compensation for loss of past and future earnings, vehicle damage, help and care of loved ones, treatment, transport cost, excess, damaged personal belongings, damage to the bike, damage to clothing, hire vehicle and other losses not mentioned above.

We will arrange a medical examination for you. After the examination we receive medical report based on which we can value the claim for accident related injuries. Doctors are selected according to the injuries sustained. These can be psychologists, orthopaedic surgeons, plastic surgeons, cardiologists and GPs. If recommended by the doctor who examines you, we help you get the right treatment. However, it should be remembered that before you attend medical examination, you should start treatment as soon as possible through the NHS, get the GP’s advice and follow the doctor’s recommendations.

We will always bring protective court proceedings to secure your case against time barring where necessary. You will be informed of the next steps in this case.

We do not outsource legal work or employ assistants to contact insurance company or its lawyers. All cases are dealt by qualified solicitors with more than 6 years of experience of these sorts of claims (and often several years more). Some of our Solicitors have additional experience as defendant representatives, which means which they know how the other side might deal with your claim.

This is an offer of settlement before obtaining a medical report from a medical examination. The offer is usually sent by the other party hoping that the injured party will accept this offer of  compensation for the accident before  a medical report is completed. However, once a report is completed we can determine the actual value of your claim  more precisely. The opposing party may hope that by sending a settlement offer they will pay lower costs of conducting the case and lower compensation, while the client may receive higher or lower compensation comparing to the valuation based on the medical evidence.

If you are absent from work due to an accident, you can apply for compensation for loss of earnings. Please retain and provide us with any sick notes and payslips confirming what you have lost financially. If you are a self-employed, calculating lost earnings may be more complicated – contact us so that we can discuss your case individually as each self-employed person may have different circumstances.

Compensation is usually paid within 3-4 weeks of its acceptance. To protect your money we will usually only pay monies to an account in the client’s name. At the client’s request, we may accept other methods of payment of the compensation.

This is the principle of sharing responsibility for an incident or injury, e.g. if an accident took place at work and some part of the accident is due to the client’s own fault and also in part due to the employer’s or other employee’s fault. The liability split is calculated as a percentage, e.g. 50/50 or 25/75. It is always worth contacting solicitor to consider this carefully for you.

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