Our law firm specialises in obtaining compensation from the perpetrator’s insurance policy. In this situation. When you are at fault, we will not be able to help you, however you may be able to claim from your insurance policy.

We will be able to obtain compensation for your passengers.

* Remember not to admit fault without discussing the matter with us so that we can objectively look at the case and provide you with professional opinion.

Compensation for an accident in a situation where:

  • the perpetrator drove away from the place of the accident (and you reported this fact to the police within 48 hours) or
  • the perpetrator did not have insurance

is paid by the MIB (Motor Insurance Bureau). We are specialists in such matters. It is worth remembering that MIB will not pay compensation for a damaged vehicle if you had comprehensive insurance policy during the accident.

Compensation for vehicle damage is paid directly to the account specified by you. We do not charge a commission for getting this part of compensation so that you can buy a new vehicle (when his vehicle was written off) or repair it in the garage of your choice. We do not arrange repairs – you can choose where and how to repair your vehicle.

It means that according to the engineer, the cost of repairing the vehicle is not economical compared to the pre-accident value of the vehicle. The insurer will pay compensation based on the vehicle valuation compared to similar vehicles available on the market. After receiving the vehicle damage payment and repairing your vehicle you  may need to  discuss the terms of the policy with your own insurance company to make sure it the policy will cover the damaged vehicle if you decided to use it.

Yes. We can discuss such cases individually because there are several factors affecting the value of the vehicle – contact us so we can explain your options.

In most cases, the customer can keep the damaged vehicle or sell it.

The vehicle is valued by an engineer who prepares a vehicle damage report on our request. The engineer travels to the place where the vehicle is stored (e.g. to the client’s home) then he sends us the vehicle damage report. This document describes the value of the vehicle before the accident and the cost of repair. If the client contacted the insurer first the report is prepared by the client’s insurance company. The report may also be prepared by the other party in some occasions.

The engineer arranged by us has the appropriate qualifications and will be competent to provide a correct valuation. However, we understand that any document may have an error or may be wrong. If this is the case, please let us know so that we can review it. We will not send any document to the insurer that is not authorized by you. If for some reason the other party has prepared a report (this happens extremely rarely) please let us know if you think that the valuation of the repair or vehicle valuation is in your opinion inadequate.

If you travelled in a vehicle where the driver was at fault and you have suffered accident injuries you are entitled to compensation. If other participants, such as pedestrians, have been injured in the accident, they also have the right to claim compensation from the insurance company of the driver with whom you travelled.

During the compensation process, it may be that we need to contact your insurer, e.g. when we need documentation regarding your excess, vehicle damage or hire or when the other party opens a claim against the customer. In this situation, we send you a form authorising us to talk on your behalf using an electronic signature.

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