During our initial conversation, we will consider the nature of your claim and the merits of success. It usually takes between 20 and 90 minutes to consider whether this type of agreement is suitable for you. There may be occasions where we require additional time for consideration to be given to your claim, and we may need to undertake further research. You will not be charged for this. If we feel that your claim has prospects of success, then this type of agreement can be entered into, and if your claim is unsuccessful, you will not be charged for our fees (providing that you comply with the terms of the agreement).

If your claim occurred after 1 April 2013, and if your claim is successful, we will claim a “success fee”. This ‘fee’ is determined by the complexity and the risk of the claim or defence. The maximum deduction we would take is limited to 25% of damages (except future losses and vehicle damage), as a contribution to our costs. However, “success” must allow for a number of different factors, including the risk that a judgment will be obtained against the Defendant but cannot be enforced. Therefore the actual percentage of the success fee, depends on the risk we accept when we agree to deal with your claim, and the amount of work that is carried out on your case.
Qualified Solicitors

To ensure that we bring the best possible result for our clients, we ensure that only qualified solicitors will formally represent you. We guarantee the we will do everything possible to make a successful claim happen for you.

Your Best Interests

We always act in your best interests. If for any reason that is no longer possible, we will immediately inform you, thereafter we would also refrain from acting in any way that would cause negative consequences for you going forward, even if this meant a financial cost for us or being unable to act in another matter.

Our Guarantee

We guarantee that if you follow our advice, and are honest and co-operative you will not be left with monies to pay in the event of an unsuccessful claim, and there will be no hidden fees.

Progressive Approach

We take on board both positive and negative feedback to continually progress and improve our working practices to offer every client a successful, friendly, reliable and positive experience.