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Our Mission

Our mission is to make the process of claiming compensation as simple as possible. We want to help injured clients who wants to claim accident compensation in England and Wales. We aim to help clients maximise their compensation for injury, as well as any losses and expenses

Years of experience have shown us that in addition to knowledge and strategy, one of the most important things to a client is being kept updated and informed throughout the process. This helps matters run more smoothly and keeps the stress to a minimum. We are fully interactive which ensures that you can contact us with a multitude of electronic methods.

Our cases in England and Wales are undertaken only by experienced lawyers; we do not hire students or assistants to negotiate or discuss cases with insurers. Full commmitment, experience, and the honing of already acquired skills are the foundation of our success.

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What do we follow in our work?

Our goals and values

Client’s interests come first

We work in your best interest and we approach each case individually.

We hone our skills

To guarantee a successful, friendly and positive experience.

Guarantee of quality

When we accept your case, we take case of your needs

Guarantee of experience

We hire only experienced lawyers and solicitors to deal with claims.

Honesty and transparency

Full access to documentation and transparent operating conditions.

Helping the environment

Exchanging documents electronically.

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How do we work?
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    First stage

    Free, full analysis of your case from a legal perspective. We check each case regarding its merits in many ways to ensure that we provide a comprehensive opinion.

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    Second stage

    Sending the claim to the insurer or the appropriate party, as well as the signing of the No Win No Fee* agreement.

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    Third stage

    Estimating the amount of compensation. You provide a full list of losses, expenses, and we organise meetings with relevant medical experts.

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    Fourth stage

    Negotiating the value of your compensation.

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    Fifth stage

    Payment of damages or court proceedings. (Less than 1% of our clients need to go to Court).

*When a client wishes to recover compensation for damage to a vehicle, we arrange an appraiser and negotiate the payment of compensation.

Confirmed professionalism

Certificates and licences.

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We are a team of solicitors running cases to get our clients compensation in the UK. We will obtain compensation for damages, loss of earnings and other costs and losses as a result of your accident. Contact us.

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