What to do after an accident?

1. Inform your superior about the accident.
2. Seek medical attention.
3. Ensure that the accident has been recorded in the accident log.
4. Collect materials helpful for the case, i.e. photos from the accident site and machines/ equipment/ irregularities that contributed to the accident.
5. Record the details of people who were present in the accident.
6. Contact us.

You can claim compensation for:

Personal Injury
Your earnings if you lost any due to the accident
Medical treatment
Care and assistance
All costs end expanses related to the accident will be assessed

An accident at work – substantial compensation from Progressive Solicitors:

Many individuals who have suffered as a result of an accident in the workplace in England do not seek to receive compensation. The reasons for this vary, but the most common reason is the lack of awareness that the victim is entitled to financial compensation, as well as the fear of a long and complicated claim process. Therefore, Progressive Solicitors are here to keep injured client’s informed and advised of their rights and to move things along as quickly and as possible. Keeping you up to date along the way with clear and plain advice.

We are specialists in this area. We have been working in this area for many years, which is why we can guarantee full professionalism, reliability and the highest quality of service. Our knowledge and skills have resulted in a large group of satisfied customers, as well as many successful cases. We approach each case honestly and individually, fully engaging in each case. Due to this, we can ensure that we always make every effort to obtain full and the highest possible compensation for injuries, as well as any outstanding expenses or losses.
We guarantee a constant contact with the client, which ensures a smooth, efficient and stress-free handling of the case. We provide comprehensive service in including submitting the necessary applications, assistance in collecting documents or filling in forms correctly. Experienced, educated lawyers conduct all negotiations, mediation and conversations with insurers.

Accident at work in the UK – employee rights

In the event of an accident at work in the UK, which leads to the worker pain, injuries to the body or permanent damage to health, the worker has the right to claim for compensation as a result of an accident. The employer or site manager must be at fault in some way to be able to make a claim. It is important to note that compensation for an accident at work in the UK can be claimed by all employees: full-time employees, agency workers, as well as those who are self-employed.

Accident at work – obligations of the employer

The employer’s primary duty when protecting their employee from harm is to take all necessary steps to ensure the safety and health protection of employed persons. All employers in England and Wales also have a responsibility to have an insurance policy. In the event of an accident in the workplace, compensation is paid by the insurer, not the employer.

In addition, the employer’s duties also include:

  • the question of ensuring that platforms, ladders or scaffolding in the workplace remain in good condition, equipped with all necessary safeguards, and adapted to carry out specific activities;
  • providing the necessary training and courses that will allow the employee to safely perform their professional tasks;
    systematic repairs and servicing of mechanical vehicles, machinery, equipment and other items found in the workplace;
    creating a work system guaranteeing the greatest possible safety for employees;
  • ensuring that stairs, passageways and corridors be free from any potential obstacles resulting in any potential slips, trips or falls;
  • preparing a risk assessment for all tasks performed by employees;
  • ensuring that all machines, devices and other equipment have all the necessary protective elements to protect the employee against direct contact with sharp or moving parts, e.g. rotors or saws;taking all necessary steps to reduce or minimize contact with dangerous, toxic or other hazardous substances that may cause burns or other types of personal injury;
  • providing protective clothing in the form of butcher’s chain mail, gloves, helmets, appropriate footwear and glasses.

An essential point to note is that the employer is also responsible for accidents caused by other employees. Therefore, if a dangerous incident occurred as result of the actions of an employee, the employer will essentially be responsible for this.

Compensation for an accident at work – when I am entitled?

When can an employee claim for compensation for an accident at work in the UK? First of all, they have this option if they have had an accident as a result of the actions of somebody else. The employee has the right to financial compensation in the event of an accident resulting from:

  • negligence of the employer, if they did not take care to ensure a safe work environment, they did not provide the necessary training, etc.;
  • improper use of faulty equipment, machinery or other devices;
    mistakes made by another employee, who did not abide by health and safety regulations;
  • superiors ordering the performance of tasks incompatible with health and safety regulations;
  • other types of reasons, which are independent of their actions.

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