What to do after an accident?

1. Take photographs of the site of the accident.
2. Take details of any witnesses to the accident.
3. Report the accident to the body responsible for the area where the accident occurred
4. Seek medical attention
5. Check for any CCTV and if so request it is not destroyed at the scene of the accident.
6. Contact us

You can claim for compensation if:

you have sustained an injury as a result of an uneven surface.

you have had an accident in a shop or supermarket

you have slipped or tripped

you have sustained an injury to or from work

What can be considered an accident in a public place?

Every public space in Great Britain should meet certain safety standards. Responsibility for complying with them are the designated institutions such as local authorities, administration, private owners and tenants. Public spaces are defined as areas such as roads, pavements, stairs, as well as catering outlets, shopping malls, hypermarkets and all other public buildings (e.g. fitness clubs or gyms).

If any of the above-mentioned authorities fails to look after an area under their supervision which results in an accident, the injured party has the right to claim compensation. This failure to take care of any area may be due to a number of factors, which include working under time pressure and saving money. It often takes the form of, for example, icy, slippery, pavements in winter which have not been gritted; holes in the road or pavement or objects protruding out of them. Such hazards pose the danger of a fall, slip or trip and injury to the person. An accident in a public place in the UK may be the result of a lack of markings and isolation of the construction work space at height, on the road or pavement. A poorly secured building site is a great threat to pedestrians, cyclists and drivers.

Regardless if you have sustained an injury as a consequence of negligence or inadequate (insufficient) security of the area, you are entitled to claim for accident compensation.

An accident in a public place – where to begin?

If the accident was not your fault, you have an absolute right to try and get compensation. Ensure that you obtain as much evidence as possible, as this may help if there are arguments in relation to your claim for compensation. Medical documentation from the GP or hospital will be helpful, as well as receipts for treatment and rehabilitation and photographs of the area in which you sustained your injuries.

Accident compensation – stages

Cooperation with our office is divided into several stages. Firstly we will read the case description and documents received from you, and carry out a free legal analysis. We approach the cases from many perspectives, which ensures that you have the confidence that our opinion regarding the case will be comprehensive. Secondly we proceed to sign the contract on the terms “No Win, No Fee” and send the claim to the insurer (or appropriate body).

The next step is to determine the fault for the accident and then estimate the amount of compensation. To achieve this, we will need a full list of expenses, losses and costs you incurred as a result of an accident in a public place. A medical agency will work with us to obtain medical evidence after an examination to confirm your injuries.

The final step is to negotiate the compensation, which can end in two ways (depending on the position of the insurer): payment of monies or a court trial. We would like to assure you that less than 1% of cases end up in court; moreover, most of them will settle and never need to go to trial.

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