What to do after an accident?

1. Call an ambulance if there are any serious injuries.
2. Call the police if the person who hit you drove away
3. Write down registration numbers and details of all parties involved.
4. Write down details of any witnesses
5. Take photos of vehicle position and damages.
6. Contact us.

You can claim compensation for:

Vehicle Damages and Car Hire if necessary
Recovery and Storage of your vehicle
Earnings if there are any you lose
Medical treatments
Personal Injury

The aftermath of a road traffic accident can be painful and stressful, you might be suffering with symptoms from your injury, and you might have to deal with the repairs to your vehicle, all before you have even negotiated with your insurer regarding who to blame for the accident, which is often not as clear as you initially think; it is also not uncommon for defendant drivers to change their minds when they speak to their own insurers, even if they admitted fault for the accident at the scene. If you were injured in a road traffic accident, we can immediately give you advice regarding the likelihood of your claim being successful, or confirm what further enquiries are required, we can acquire specialist engineering advice if needed before proceeding to acquire medical evidence and details of your losses to settle your compensation claim.

A car accident – what should you do?

Have you been involved in a car accident in the UK? Have you sustained an injury as a result of a reckless driver? In order to avoid unnecessary stress with arranging the formalities, contact us and we will obtain due compensation for you. Thanks to many years of experience and extensive knowledge of the law, we know how to proceed in in the event of a collision, that’s why we’ll help you cope with this stressful situation. Compensation which you’ll receive will help cover the cost of treatment and rehabilitation, aid vehicle repair costs and will compensate for the losses incurred due to absence from work.

Why should you claim for compensation?

If you were involved in a car accident, your physical as well as mental well-being is at risk. This situation can not only make it difficult to complete your daily duties, but it can also prevent you from doing your work and obtaining a source of income. Moreover, your vehicle is damaged during the collision, so for example getting from your home to the doctor’s becomes much more difficult. Regardless of the amount of losses that you have suffered, we will help you obtain adequate compensation for your car accident in the UK. Our support is a key if you are not familiar with the legal system in the UK or the English language.

Compensation for a car accident – what should you know?

Receiving compensation in the event of a road accident is often necessary to help with normal functioning. It is worth noting that the more evidence you gather at the site of the accident e.g. photos of damages to the car, witness details, details of the perpetrator, the easier your claim may be to prove. Despite the stress, try to remain calm, and if the perpetrator does not want to give you your details or deny any fault, call the police immediately. Also note if there is CCTV in the area – it is likely to be extremely useful for the case.

If you you would like to get stress free compensation, you can trust the experts at Progressive Solicitors. We assist in the compensation recovery process, following the principle of “No Win, No Fee”. This means that if you were not successful (as long as you were cooperative and honest) you would not pay for our services. We have experience in seeking redress in cases of complexity and possess current legal knowledge. We are aware that the needs and priorities of those injured in accidents differ from one person to another and we know exactly what strategy to choose for each case

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