What to do after an accident?

1. Call for medical help.
2. Call the police if someone has driven away without leaving you their details
3. Note details of all parties involved.
4. If there are any witnesses write down their details.
5. Take photos of vehicles and the place of the accident.
6. Contact us.

You can claim compensation for:

Motorcycle damage
Personal Injury
Damaged Personal belongings
Lost earnings due to the accident
Medical treatments & other

Compensation for motorbike accident – when to apply for compensation?

The payment of compensation is extremely important from the point of view of the injured person. Although the money will not erase the accident from memory and not protect against the feeling of pain and stress, it can greatly facilitate a return to everyday life. Moreover, when claiming for compensation, the injured person will have their medical expenses covered or will receive other forms of support, which will minimize this period of discomfort. An accident involving a motorcyclist often ends up much worse for the driver of the two-wheeler than, for example, the driver of a people’s carrier vehicle.

What are common types of motorcycle accident?

  • collision with another vehicle
  • slip due to slippery substances on the road
  • fall over due to surface defects

Compensation for motorbike accident – who is entitled to compensation?

Those who are entitled to have the right to claim for compensation are:

Motorcycle drivers who did not cause the accident
The passengers of any vehicle who took part in the accident
Other road users who suffered injury as a result of another road user’s accord

Professional help in receiving compensation

How does the compensation process take place? It is worth being careful to proceed correctly immediately after the accident. Naturally, this is not always possible due to the injuries sustained, and the situation makes it even more stressful. However, it is worth noting that we should try to obtain as much information as we can, as this will have a great deal of worth further down the line to ensure compensation is received quickly.

If you were involved in a motorcycle accident, you may be able to claim for the cost of your treatment and rehabilitation, a the cost of replacing or repairing damaged clothing and your motorcycle, as well as compensation for loss of earnings as a result of absence from work.

We will help you complete the necessary formalities. Our business has many years of experience, excellent knowledge of regulations and effective strategies to obtain compensation to the correct degree. By choosing our help, you get full support and transparent conditions of cooperation.

Our law firm applies the “No win, no fee” principle, which means that you will not bear the costs of running the case if your claim is not successful.

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