Every day, Progressive Solicitors help cyclists, in England and Wales, to recover compensation. Our firm has vast experience in dealing with these types of cases, no matter how big or small the loss and injuries may be.  We know how difficult it can be to cope with the after effects of an accident.  It is our job to make life easier, and claim the compensation you deserve.  We can also help in organising treatment and getting you back on the road as quickly as possible.

Compensation for a cycling accident – what could it include?

  • Bike damage – bent wheel, cracked frame, scratches, or the value of the bike if it is written off;

  • Personal Injury;

  • Damaged belongings;

  • Items that were lost – e.g. if your Garmin detached and wasn’t recovered;

  • Any lost earnings due to the accident;

  • Medical treatment/ medication;

  • Travel expenses;

  • Any other

    financial losses that were due to the accident and reasonably incurred.

Bicycle Accident Compensation

In addition to your bike, we look at claiming compensation for your injuries.  The amount your injury claim is worth depends on the injuries you sustained, treatment you have needed, and the effect on your daily life. The consequences of a bike accident may not just be for minor bruises and scratches.  You may have sprains or fractures, or maybe your injury was more debilitating.  Fortunately, all our lawyers have many years of experience, so we can help you no matter how serious the injury is.  The affect on your psychological health is also relevant, as this can manifest through fear of cycling or post traumatic stress, and these symptoms will form part of the injury claim.

It is crucial for us to collect the appropriate documentation to support your claim, so please make a note of expenses and keep receipts, for example for any treatment or medicine that you have paid for, as well as transport costs. We’ll look at evidence for the replacement or repair of your bicycle, and  your bike gear, if your belongings were damaged or destroyed during the accident.  It may be that we need to arrange for an engineer to provide evidence regarding your bike.  Compensation may also cover a loss of income if you are unable to work and earn money.


Are you entitled to compensation for a bike accident?

If you have suffered an injury as a result of a bicycle accident, you can apply for compensation if you were injured due to the fault of someone else.

It is very common for cyclists to be injured due to the mistakes of other road users. The cyclist may have been hit by a car, motorcyclist or another vehicle. Alternatively, the cyclist may have suffered injury because they fell due to an attempt to avoid a collision with a motor vehicle that is driving dangerously.   If you have been a victim of one of these types of accidents, we can help you to claim compensation.

There are also circumstances in which compensation may be obtained even though the accident occurred without the involvement of other road users. An example is if you were thrown off your bike due to riding into a hole in the roadway, or because of an incorrectly secured manhole cover.  It is also possible to make a claim if you were injured due to the bicycle being faulty.


How do you obtain compensation for a bicycle accident?

You can turn to us for help if your accident was not your fault. One of our team of lawyers at Progressive Solicitors will consult with you in order to obtain all the relevant details.  We try to get as much information as possible at the start, so we won’t need to keep bothering you.  We will consider the accident circumstances, and consider what evidence we need, before presenting your claim to the Defendant’s insurance company.  We will take details of your injuries, what treatment you’re having and what treatment you need, and we look at what bike gear has been damaged.  We also look at any other losses, e.g. earnings, travel expenses, etc.  Once liability is admitted, we will try and settle your claim as quickly as possible.  How quickly your claim will settle will depend on the severity of your injuries, as we may need to wait for the outcome of Consultant’s investigations.

What to do after a biking accident?

  1. Emergency services must be contacted if someone needs medical help – this is a priority.

  2. If the person who caused the accident drove away without giving you their details, contact the police.

  3. Make a note of registration numbers and details of all parties involved.

  4. Take details of any witnesses.

  5. Take photos showing where the accident happened, vehicle damage, and debris on the road.

  6. Contact us



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