What to do in the event of an accident?

1. Ensure that you have details of the body responsible for the event.
2. Seek medical attention at a hospital or GP’s practice.
3. Follow all doctor’s instructions.
4. If any party left the place of the accident without leaving details call the police (e.g. in case of Road Traffic Accident, Criminal Assault)
5. Report the accident to the party responsible for the incident (e.g. if you have suffered an injury as a result of slipping on a wet floor in a restaurant, inform the staff about it).
6. Gather evidence relevant to the case i.e. photographs which show the place of the incident and elements that contributed to the accident.
7. Ensure you receive help and care from relatives if you are unable to perform everyday activities after an accident.
8. Save details of any witnesses.
9. Contact us

You can claim for compensation even if:

  • you do not know the insurance details of the body responsible for the accident
  • in case of road traffic accident the car that hit you drove away or did not have insurance
  • you have not taken time off work after the accident
  • you were unemployed at the time of the accident or did not have National Insurance Number
  • your injuries are limited to pain
  • at the time of the accident you were in the UK for a holiday or recreational purposes only
  • you left the UK after the accident occurred.
  • you feel pain and suffering as a result of the accident
  • you did not visit the GP after the incident
  • you did not have sick leave
  • you had only a small scar due to the accident
  • you are currently undergoing medical treatment

What is personal injury and when are you entitled to it?

Injuries can be sustained in various circumstances – they unpredictably change the lives of you and your loved ones. As a result it can turn out that the injured individual has sustained a long-term or permanent injury. Permanent damage is considered a violation of the body’s overall well-being, which does not promise improvement, while long-term damage causes impairment of activity for a certain period, but with a chance of improvement. Compensation for personal injury in the UK is recoverable in a situation where there has been an injury whether physical or psychological or both in the UK and where the accident was not the result of fault or neglect resulting from the direct actions of the injured persons.

The most common causes resulting in injury include:

    • Accidents at work or on the way to work;
    • Traffic accidents;
    • Accidents in a public place;
    • The use of faulty equipment in the workplace;
    • Disregarding health and safety regulations;

Compensation for an accident in the UK – how do you receive it?

Due to the language barrier and lack of knowledge of the law and procedures in force in the United Kingdom, many people give up seeking compensation. In order to receive the compensation you need, all you have to do is get the help of professionals who help seek out compensation for personal injury claims every day. Progressive Solicitors know that an accident is an extremely stressful situation in everyone’s life. Pain, emotions and feelings of harm and injustice can lead to withdrawal, and even make it difficult to take constructive action. In a situation where you need the support of your loved ones and full commitment to care for you, it is better to hand over formalities and the fight for compensation for an accident in the UK to specialists who will try to keep your stress to a minimum during this difficult time whilst getting you as much compensation as possible, as soon as possible.

What determines the award of compensation for personal injury?

Claims for personal injury usually one-off nature, i.e. compensation awarded once paid out closes legal right to claim further money from the accident forever. To make a claim for personal injury, three conditions must be met:

  • Responsibility
  • Cause and effect relationship
  • Personal injury

Responsibility means who is to blame for the incident. It is worth emphasizing that a direct perpetrator in a legal sense may not always be responsible for the damage (e.g. a cleaner who spilled water will be guilty, but her employer will bear legal responsibility). Your claim must indicate what contributed to the damage and prove that as a result of the incident, an injury occurred. The last element, sometimes the most difficult to estimate, is the extent of the injury, which indicates the degree or severity of the injury. The legal system that may seem complicated and difficult to understand for foreigners, which is why it is worth instructing experienced lawyers who are fluent in the British legal system.

What should you expect after submitting your application?

In the UK, there are tens of thousands of personal injury each year. Regardless of the origin, nationality and age, any injured person who was in the UK at the time of the incident and documented it accordingly has the right to make a claim for damages. It should be noted that the waiting time for decisions is usually a few weeks, but the procedure may be extended by several months if the insurer refuses to accept liability for the accident.

What formalities should be met when submitting an application for compensation?

When we are healthy, it is easy to not think about how a random event may affect our daily lives. it is only after an accident that results in personal injury that we realize that dealing with all formalities is not such an easy process. This is understandable, especially in the event of serious injury. As a group of professionals, we are aware that for people working in EU countries it is not always clear how to deal with legal issues, including claiming compensation for personal injury. The UK is one of the countries where reliable documentation of the damage suffered is likely to help with a good settlement of the case. In order for the claim to advance quickly, it will be helpful to provide:

  • Documents confirming the incident (e.g. police report, protocol establishing the circumstances and the causes of the accident at work)
  • Medical examinations and opinions
  • Receipts of medical treatment
  • Witness statements
  • Other documents relevant to the case.

What should you remember when applying for accident compensation in the UK?

The amount of compensation for an accident at work in England ranges from several hundred to hundreds of thousands of pounds. The amount depends primarily on the seriousness of the injury, so the most important element in the whole process is the evidence. Possession of documents confirming the time, place, course and consequences are key arguments which are taken into consideration in front of the court or insurer. The more reliable, complete and and credible, the quicker you will receive your compensation. What materials should you gather? First of all, you should record the contact details of the witnesses present, as well as the registration numbers of all vehicles involved in the accident. It will also be helpful to collect test results, prescriptions, referrals, medical certificates, correspondence from the police and photos of the accident. Another important issue is to choose the right law firm that will get the most compensation on your behalf with minimal involvement in stressful and formalized procedures.

Accident Compensation in the UK – Why Progressive Solicitors?

We believe that by instructing us, you likely to benefit from our experience and attitude. We operate on the basis of “No Win, No Fee”. This means that we only claim a fee in the event of a successful case. We pride ourselves on many years of experience and growing trust among customers at home and abroad. We are a fully qualified and registered law firm, possessing all the necessary licences. We hire lawyers with extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of British law. Our motto is honesty, transparency and customer satisfaction. We operate in accordance with the required standards and professional protocols. Our team is comprised of competent lawyer, possessing reliable knowledge and high personal standards. We provide comprehensive legal services in the field of accident compensation in England and Wales. We remain open to new challenges, as we remain open to new challenges because we constantly update our knowledge, widen our competence, contacts and improve developed standards. At the beginning, we always offer a free legal analysis of the case. Next, we look for optimal solutions, we strive for the highest payments and the shortest duration of the entire procedure possible. You do not have worry about being in contact with the insurer, the necessary cost calculations, formulation of the application and negotiations.

We invite you to consider instructing Progressive Solicitors. Regardless of the complexity of the case, we guarantee the highest possible level of effectiveness.

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