Whatever type of incident has led to you suffering injuries, and suffering losses, or expenses, we will ensure that we progress your claim as quickly as possible, to ensure that not only do you recover compensation for your injuries, but that you also receive any rehabilitative treatment you might need, interim compensation payments for vehicle repairs, or to help you if you are out of work. We advise you on what is possible and what the next steps are.

All of our file-handlers are fully-qualified solicitors experienced in dealing with the various types of personal injury claim. We aim to ensure that your questions are answered, and that you understand the direction your claim is travelling in. We will try to give you the clearest advice and to progress your claim to resolution as quickly as possible whilst ensuring you recover as much compensation as possible.


Your compensation for injuries is known as your claim for damages for ‘pain, suffering, and loss of amenity’, and therefore includes not only your physical injury symptoms, but also the negative effect the accident has had on your daily life, and if the incident and your subsequent injuries has affected your ability to act as you normally would, Examples are you would recover more injury compensation depending on how long your most severe symptoms last for, if you have been emotionally upset, and if you have suffered any permanent injury, such as scarring. Non-physical injury examples include disturbed sleep, anxiety, stress or if you have been unable to engage in normal activities or hobbies such as attending the gym or social events.

Losses and expenses

If you have suffered losses or expenses that you would not otherwise have incurred as a result of the accident, we will calculate the loss or expense and recover the amount on your behalf. Examples of this type of compensation would include, lost earnings, medication or medical / rehabilitation expenses, travel costs, loss of enjoyment of holiday, damaged property, vehicle repairs. We can also claim if your injuries have impaired your ability to work following the accident.

Landlord Negligence / Accident in a public place / Slips or Trips on the highway:

If you suffer an injury as a result of an incident on either public or private property, for example, losing your footing and falling over, housing disrepair, or something falling onto you from height, we have the expertise to investigate which party is responsible and to take action if they are trying to avoid dealing with the claim. It is important that you contact us as quickly as possible after the incident, providing photographs of whatever caused your injuries where possible, and confirm the location of the incident as accurately as you can.

Medical and Dental Negligence:

When medical or dental treatment goes wrong, the consequences can be painful and devastating, whether your claim is against the National Health Service or a private practitioner, we will conduct all the research and enquiries needed to establish if you have grounds to proceed, before presenting your claim to the relevant parties. There are various ways of progressing medical and dental negligence claims, depending on the circumstances of the negligent treatment, and we will ensure that we keeping you apprised of the matter at every stage.

Brain Injuries:

Brain injuries cover a large spectrum, from self-limiting minor injuries, to life-changing major injuries from which recovery is delayed or incomplete, we will consider what medical investigations are required to ascertain the full extent of the injury suffered, the treatment /rehabilitation possibilities, and from which medical experts medical evidence should be acquired from. We will ensure that the matter is dealt with sensitively and provide support at what will be a stressful time for both you as a claimant, and also your friends and family.

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